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What Is the 7-Panel Drug Test?

Aichek 2023-09-19
Do you know what is the 7-panel drug test? It’s an excellent indicator of whether people have been using or misusing one or more drugs, especially when people are about to enter a new workplace, there would be regulations to use a panel drug test to check if they are using drugs.

Do you know what is the 7-panel drug test? A 7-panel drug test is an excellent indicator of whether people have been using or misusing one or more drugs, especially when people are about to enter a new workplace, there should be regulations to use a panel drug test to check if they are using drugs. Among the drug test kits, there are several options, and the 7-panel drug test is one of them, what exactly is the seven panel drug test, and how to use it? And what does a 7-panel drug test test for? Read this article you will find the answer.


What Is a 7-Panel Drug Test?

A 7-panel drug test, also known as a DOT mirror test, is a comprehensive urine screening method that detects the presence of 7 substance metabolites: basic opiates (like codeine, morphine, and heroin), expanded opiates (such as oxycodone and hydrocodone), amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, and ecstasy. This type of test is widely used due to its reliability. Where is a 7-panel drug test needed?


When Is a 7-panel Drug Test Needed?

A 7-panel drug test in various situations, primarily if you're in occupations governed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, such as trucking, commercial vehicle driving, or bus driving. Employers adhering to DOT regulations may request this specific drug test for several purposes. These include routine employee screenings, examinations upon an employee's return to work, assessments during the interview and onboarding process, investigations following a workplace accident, random employee screenings, and when there are suspicions or reports of intoxication, whether on or off duty. In these scenarios, a 7-panel drug test becomes a standard requirement to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards.


What Drugs Are on a 7-panel Drug Test?

Since a 7-panel drug test is needed in many applications, what does a 7-panel drug test test for?I have listed them for you, each of them matches a unique panel of the drug test

What Drugs Are on a 7-panel Drug Test

1. Cocaine, a highly addictive drug, has a complex history. It was once used in tonics and even early Coca-Cola recipes for pain relief. However, it's now primarily known as an illicit street drug. Common street names for cocaine include coke, blow, and snow. Cocaine use disrupts dopamine transporters in the brain, affecting normal communication.

2. PCP is a dangerous synthetic drug known for causing hallucinations and aggressive behavior. Originally used as an anesthetic, it can be found in various forms, including white crystalline powder and dyed tablets or capsules. It can be consumed by snorting, swallowing, or smoking, and it's sometimes mixed with other substances. Street names for PCP include Goon Dust and O.P.P.

3. Amphetamines used both medically and recreationally, are central nervous system stimulants. They are prescribed for conditions like AD/HD, Parkinson's disease, narcolepsy, and obesity. Street names for amphetamines include speed and crystal meth.

4. Barbiturates, central nervous system depressants, relax nerves, muscles, and lower heart rate and blood pressure. They are highly addictive and even a minor overdose can be deadly. Withdrawal from barbiturates can also be life-threatening, which is why they are included in the 7-Panel Drug Test.


How Do Drug Test Kits Work?

Drug test kits typically operate on the principle of immunoassay. These kits contain specific antibodies designed to bind with particular drug compounds or their metabolites, known as antigens. Within the kit, there is a competing compound called a drug-compound conjugate, which closely resembles the drug being tested for. This conjugate competes with the drug compound in the sample to bind to the antibodies within the test kit.

The test outcome depends on the relative concentrations of the drug compound and antigens in the sample. If the drug compound's concentration exceeds that of the antibodies in the kit, the sample will saturate the testing strip, yielding a 'non-negative result.' Conversely, if the antigens in the sample are more concentrated than the drug compounds, the antigens will occupy the test strip, resulting in a positive test outcome.

It's important to note that at-home drug test kits typically provide a straightforward positive or negative result, without specifying the concentration of the substance. For a precise assessment, confirmation through a laboratory test is often necessary.


What Is the Best Seven Panel Drug Test?

If you are looking for a reliable drug test kit, AICHEK is a great choice for you, our 7-panel drug test processes follow stringent manufacturing principles, ensuring we deliver top-quality products and solutions. Only requires a few easy steps, they can offer you the most authentic test result, and help you have a better life.



The panel drug test plays a vital role in ensuring safety and compliance in various occupational settings, particularly those governed by the Department of Transportation regulations. With 7 different drugs covered, a drug test can make our lives safer under regulation. When considering a reliable drug test manufacturer, AICHEK can be the one for you, offering top-quality products and solutions that ensure accurate testing, ultimately contributing to a better and safer life.

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